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November 2022 – Decision No 7225/2022 of the Athens Court of First Instance (Temporary Measures Procedure) – Regulation of communication between a father and a child born out of wedlock residing abroad

By judgment No 7225/2022, the Athens Court of First Instance (Temporary Measures Procedure) granted the application of a father, a resident of Greece, seeking to have communication with his minor daughter, born out of wedlock and who has been living with her mother, the other party, in Germany since her birth, regulated for the first time by a court. The Court rejected the other party’s plea of lack of jurisdiction, since the application had been brought at a time when both the child and the mother were in Greece for the summer holidays and the father, as the beneficiary of the communication, was resident in Greece.

Since it was presumed that the mother had never encouraged the child’s communication with the father and on the contrary she constantly found excuses and justifications as obstacles to it, he arranged their communication for long continuous periods of time during the school vacation periods and also gave him the possibility to communicate with the child on weekends (Friday to Monday morning) of his choice after prior notification of the mother.

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