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March 2023 – Decision No. 882/2023 of the Athens Three-Members Misdimeanours Court – Acquittal of the accused for domestic violence and threat

The Athens Three-Members Misdimeanours Court, sitting on 03.03.2023, found the accused client not guilty due to reasonable doubt for the offence of unlawful violence and threat against his wife, who, with this accusation managed to expel him from the family home through the process of immediate arrest. The Court’s judgment, despite the prosecutor’s proposal, was based on the contradictions of the alleged victim and on the fact that the charge took place in the context of a civil dispute concerning the custody, communication and maintenance of the minor children of the separated spouses.

svgCase Study no: FD22P0652 Return Order of the High Court of Justice Family Division- Return of the child to his mother from England to Greece pursuant to the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction after one year of “hostage” by his father in England
svgApril 2023- as of 03 and 06.04.2023 order of the High Court (Family Division) of England- Return of a child from England to Greece following the unlawful retention of his mother there