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September 2022 – Αs of 13.09.2022 Temporary Order of the Athens Court of First Instance – Reform of a temporary measures court decision, which designated the child’s school in a remote area from the mother’s residence, upon the father’s request and granting permission to the mother to enroll the child in a school near her home; Rejection of the father’s request to revoke the order

By the Temporary Order of 13.09.2022, the Athens Court of First Instance reformed a temporary measures court decision which, at the request of the father, had awarded custody of the child of the parties jointly to him and the mother with regard to the field of education, and had granted the father permission to enroll the child in the private school of his choice proposed by him. The mother relied on new facts after the order was made, namely the school bus schedule that would have transported the child daily, which, as it was framed, would have meant the daily inconvenience of the child being on the school bus for two hours each day. The mother proposed enrolling him in a private school of equivalent standard in her area and succeeded in obtaining permission to enroll him there. Similarly, the Court then denied the father’s new application to revoke the temporary order.

svgJuly 2022 – As of 25.07.2022 Temporary Order of the Athens Court of First Instance - Prohibition of relocation of the children with their mother - designation of the former matrimonial residence as the place of residence of the two children and award of joint custody to the parents - rejection of the request for maintenance
svgSeptember 2022 - Decision No. 6075/2022 of the Athens Court of First Instance (Temporary Measures)