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May 2023- Decision of the Athens Court of First Instance (Temporary Measures Procedure) No. 3246/2023 – Rejection of the mother’s request to decide exclusively on matters of the child’s health and education – Broad regulation of the father’s right of communication despite the mother’s objections

By judgment No 3246/2023 on temporary measures, the Athens Court of First Instance provisionally regulated the relations between the two parents, separated husband and wife, and their minor daughter, aged four years old. The court rejected the mother’s request that she should have exclusive custody over the child’s health and education, holding that there was room for consultation and cooperation with the father on those matters, while rejecting the mother’s complaints, who falsely claimed that the father, because of his profession (military officer), was subject to sudden transfers and emergency services, which prevented him from having regular contact with their daughter, and then regulated in a broad and substantial manner his right to communicate with her, even allowing him to pick her up and deliver her to school himself.

svgMay 2023- Decision No 257/2023 of the Syros Trial Court - Acquittal of the defendant for the offence of occupation of beach and seashore
svgJune 2023- As 16.06.2023 order of the 4th Athens Judge in charge of Narcotics Investigation - Release of the accused for joining a criminal organization with the object of aggravated robbery and aggravated drug trafficking after the defendant’s apology